100mm Scroll Chuck SuperGrip Jaws

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    100mm Scroll Chuck SuperGrip Jaws

    As the name suggests - the SuperGrip Jaws are designed for holding long work pieces securely. The small jaws are 35mm and the large jaws are 38mm deep with a long dovetail that securely engages and holds the work piece in place when turning a long distance from the headstock. Both will hold work pieces up to 500mm (20in) from the jaws in two different size ranges. 

    The small also has a special cut-away in the jaw to more securely hold square stock in the chuck.

    Small Jaw Capacity

    Jaw Travel Expanding - 37 - 77mm
    Jaw Travel Contracting - 29 - 59mm

    Large Jaw Capacity

    Jaw Travel Expanding - 80 - 110mm
    Jaw Travel Contracting - 60 - 93mm

    Please note that Baladonia scroll chuck jaws will only fit the Baladonia Scroll Chuck and aren't interchangeable with any other brands such as Record Power, Teknatool or Vicmarc.

    Small Jaws
    $42.50 October Sale! (inc GST)
    RRP: $49.89
    Large Jaws
    $42.50 October Sale! (inc GST)
    RRP: $49.89

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