100mm Scroll Chuck Heavy Duty Bowl Jaws

  • 100mm Scroll Chuck Heavy Duty Bowl Jaws TSCBJ-100

    For more information on these jaws, be sure to watch the video above...

    Perfect for bowl and spigot projects. Designed for expanded dovetail and reverse dovetail holds, for gripping footed bowls. The walls of the jaw are 3x the thickness standard jaws for heavy-duty bowl turning. Screws go right through the wall section to add more securing force where it’s needed most. 

    Jaw Travel Contracting 44 – 72mm
    Jaw Travel Expanding 80 – 110mm

    Please Note: Torquata scroll chuck jaws will only fit the Torquata TSC-100 Scroll Chuck and are not interchangeable with any other brands.

    $49.90 (inc GST)

Product Video