#1 Smoothing Plane - Bronze

  • #1 Smoothing Plane - Bronze LBP-010

    Luban's Number 1 Smoothing Plane Is A Little Beauty!

    Finely crafted, small, precise smoothing plane for capable hands. The Luban #1 stays true to the Stanley original’s; with the Bailey pattern frog and 'tap and try' lateral adjustment. All of the components are unique to this tool and are cast entirely in Bronze.


    • Precision ground, bronze casting.
    • Engineered tab style adjuster.
    • Low profile cap iron.
    • Bronze lever cap.
    • Hardwood handles.
    • Sole dimensions: 150mm x 40mm.
    • Blade: 3mm thick 30mm (1-1/5inch).

    Why do we love these No.1 Smoothing Planes?

    There are three main reasons that we really enjoy Luban planes. Firstly, the linishing work straight out of the shop is beyond par, it's absolutely phenomenal and far better than planes that cost twice this amount. Second, if it ain't break don't fix it and Luban's reliance on the tried and tested Stanley design is perfect because they bring to the table another level of quality control.

    They're literally the best of both worlds. Third reason is obvious - the value for money. You don't find planes this quality for this price from any other manufacturer worldwide.

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