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Dave Hout Bowl Skew Gouges - DHT-1-W
These unique tools developed by the well respected North American woodturner David Hout, are used for making finishing cuts when producing bowls. The cut is shear and leaves the end grain smooth. With practice, sanding can be almost eliminated. The two tool set consists of one tool with a deeper flute to be used on bowls up to 5-6” diameter. The shallower tool is for use on bowls 6” and larger in diameter. Handle length = 320mm, Blade length = 150mm.
Qty: $153.50 inc GST DHT-1-W Shallow, Handled
Qty: $153.50 inc GST DHT-2-W Deep, Handled


Thread Chaser Sets - TC-12-W
These unique tools were developed with the help of Bill Jones and come with a full instructional brochure. It is recommended to purchase the recess tool with any set as it makes it easier to cut the lip on the lid. Handle length = 125mm, Blade length = 100mm. Only availabe handled.
Qty: $158.50 inc GST TC-12-W 12tpi threads
Qty: $163.50 inc GST TC-18-W 18tpi threads
Qty: $176.50 inc GST TC-20-W 20tpi threads
Qty: $37.50 inc GST TCRTNW Recess Tool


Three Point Tools - 271-DAW
This unique multi purpose tool developed by Bill Jones is ideal for both beginners and experienced Woodturners. This tool can be used as a skew, and is also suitable for faceplate and spindle work. Handle length = 100mm, Blade length = 165mm.
Qty: $46.50 inc GST 271-DAW Width: 10mm, Handled
Qty: $58.50 inc GST 271-DW Width: 13mm, Handled


Combination Captive Ring Tools - 277-W
These tools are made specifically for producing rings that are captured by the work piece and feature a double bevel which results in only one tool being necessary to complete the ring. Most of other ranges that sell these captive ring tools usually sell a right and left-hand version, but Crown have developed their chisel to save the user time and money. Handle length = 320mm, Blade length = 165mm.
Qty: $53.50 inc GST 277-W Width: 6mm, Handled
Qty: $59.50 inc GST 278-W Width: 10mm, Handled
Qty: $64.50 inc GST 278-AW Width: 13mm, Handled


Ring Tools - 275-W
With a dual bevel HSS ring these tools provide a superb finish when hollowing into end grain. Flat or curved shapes can be accommodated easily. H = Handle length, B = Blade length.
Qty: $69.50 inc GST 275-W Width: 13mm, H = 320mm, B = 185mm
Qty: $98.50 inc GST 275-AW Width: 25mm, H = 350mm, B = 260mm


Hollowing Tools - 279-W
Developed by one of Crown’s American customers, these tools are perfect for hollowing out small vessels. All chisels are constructed of 6x6mm HSS bar. Handle length = 320mm, Blade length = 110mm.
Qty: $49.50 inc GST 279-W Straight profile, Handled
Qty: $62.50 inc GST 279-AW 45 degree profile, Handled
Qty: $62.50 inc GST 279-BW 80 degree profile, Handled


Shell Auger Bits - 279-SW
This long boring tools is made complete from HSS with a spiral flute, which results in removing wood easier and quicker than ordinary augers. Handle length = 100mm, Blade length = 605mm.
Qty: $102.50 inc GST 279-SW 7.9mm (5/16in)
Qty: $104.50 inc GST 279-SSW 9.5mm (3/8in)


Beaver Deep Hollowing Tools - 271-GW
Designed for deep hollow forms, these tools have a polished HSS adjustable top section which gives complete control of the depth of cut. An instruction leaflet is provided with the tool. We have found that in use this tool really does the job of the price tag suggested. It is built solidly to reduce vibration and the super-long length allows for some amazing turning work. H = Handle Length, B = Blade length.
Qty: $239.50 inc GST 271-GW Straight, H = 320mm, B = 290mm
Qty: $273.50 inc GST 271-GSWNW Swan Neck, H = 350mm, B = 260mm
Qty: $81.50 inc GST 271-GWSW Replacement Tips


Products: 9 - 16 of 21 1 , 2 , 3

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