Pocket Hole Screw Pack

  • Pocket Hole Screw Pack

    These kits give you the complete set of screws you're likely to ever need when used in conjunction with your pocket hole jig. Save significantly compared to buying them separately and get the storage case virtually for free!

    The small kit includes the following screws - 

    • 100 of #6 x 31mm Face Frame Screws
    • 100 of #7 x 31mm Face Frame Screws
    • 100 of #7 x 37mm Face Frame Screws
    • 50 of #8 x 25mm Round Washer Screws
    • 100 of #8 x 37mm Round Washer Screws
    • 50 of #8 x 50mm Round Washer Screws
    • 1 of #2 x 150mm power driver bit

    The large kit includes all of the above screws plus the following extra screws - 

    • 50 of #8 x 25mm Round Washer Screws
    • 100 of #8 x 31mm Round Washer Screws
    • 50 of #8 x 50mm Round Washer Screws
    Small Kit 500 Screws
    $31.00 (inc GST)
    Large Kit 700 Screws
    $50.00 (inc GST)

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